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Welcome to the UTEP Distributed Computing Lab (DCL). On this website you will find information about the research, educational, and outreach activities of the DCL. The mission of the DCL is to:

  1. conduct research in the area of high-performance computing (HPC),
  2. build and maintain HPC infrastructure that will be utilized by researchers in several departments in the College of Engineering at UTEP, and
  3. foster the recruitment and training of underrepresented minority students (high school through graduate school) in the area of HPC.

The DCL is currently investigating mechanisms for reducing the execution time of machine learning and discrete event simulation applications using multi-core, multi-processor, cluster based systems equipped with general purpose graphics processing units (GPGPUs). The DCL develops educational materials to help engineers of all disciplines understand and utilize parallel and distributed computing. The DCL organizes several outreach programs to attract pre-college students to the computing disciplines.

Notable DCL Group Accomplishments

  1. The design and construction of the 20-node Virgo cluster by DCL students, which serves as a hub for the research, educational, and outreach activities of the DCL.
  2. Promotion of the use of the Virgo cluster for research projects throughout the College of Engineering at UTEP. Four research groups are actively using the Virgo cluster to facilitate their research.
  3. Development of cluster-based experiences for students in the ECE curriculum.
  4. Engagement of graduate and undergraduate students in DCL activities.
  5. Development of outreach activities targeted at middle- and high-school students, particularly underrepresented minorities and women, designed to inspire their interest in CISE.

DCL Leadership

Dr. Patricia Nava

DCL Director

Dr. Patricia Nava                    
Dr. Michael McGarry

DCL Co-Director

Communication Networks Laboratory (Netlab)

Dr. McGarry

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