3D Laser Scanning System

Scanobot V2.0


The University of Texas at El Paso
Senior Project


Team Johnny-5:
Anne Dela Cruz-- Software Development

Aleli Mojica-Campbell-- Chassis redesign and

electromechanical configuration

Raymundo Riverol Jr.-- Algorithm Development and

Data Inputs/Outputs

This project addresses the steps taken to improve the 3D Laser Scanning System previously designed. A microstepping system was utilized over the existing full-stepping system. The accuracy of the laser was improved from +/- 0.7% to +/- 0.275% of distance measurement. The chassis area was reduced by 41.3% and its weight by 17%. Software platform was changed from Visual Basic to LabVIEW. More user options have been added to increase flexibility and ease of use. A stable system was constructed by having efficient heat dissipation and a more reliable program.

  Block Diagram
  Scanned Images
  Final System
  Future Work
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