Data Aquisition for Dynamic Cone Penetrometers
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Team members:

Juergen Krause
Johann Schleiss
Sergio Rocha

This project is sponsored and requested by Dr. Nazarian. He is a member of the  Civil Engineering Department   at The University of Texas at El Paso. This project is an extension to the Feasibility Study on Dynamic Cone Penetrometers.


The Civil Engineering Department uses Dynamic Cone Penetrometers (Seismic and Instrumented DCPs) to evaluate the layer thickness and the type of material under investigation. The current design needs to be improved for easy field implementation.

A Signal Conditioning Box (SCB) will handle all incoming and outgoing data from both devices. It will be connected to a Laptop computer via a Data Acquisition Card (DAQCard) for further analysis. The SCB will have a switch to select between the Instrumented - and the Seismic DCP and will also have a calibration setting.

A calibration pathway will be incorporated to ensure the proper function of the amplifiers and to calibrate all 3 channels to the same signal level. This function is also a troubleshooting function that will check 80% of all signal pathways. The only exclusion of this troubleshooting feature will be the DCP devices themselves.

LabView software will be used to visualize and analyze the data. A simple and high contrast user interface will ensure ease of use in the field.

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