A Project for EE 2412 and EE 2414
Senior Design Project
in the
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
at the
University of Texas at El Paso






In the game of baseball, the convention is to take the game statistics with pencil and paper. After the game, an individual then calculates desired statistics from the tallies and symbols in the record book. This takes a considerable amount of time. The person responsible for making sense of the tallies and symbols from the book basically has to "relive" the game.

The initial idea is to produce a unit of hardware that serves as the record book, which either calculates the statistics on site or produces the means in which the data can be transferred to a personal computer. The use of the unit would fit in the following scenario:

The operator watches the game and inputs the statistics of each player inning by inning. The hardware stores the information while a display indicates what has occurred throughout the game. At the end of the game, the unit can interface with a personal computer and transfer all the data into a pre-designed database. The data can then be manipulated to produce desired statistics on team performance, individual performance, or any statistic that would help display team progress.

The project incorporates the design of hardware, software, and automation of information.


The motivation is to go from the baseball field to the personal computer with out intermediate calculations.


The unit of hardware will display and save game statistics as entered. The device will then download data to a personal computer into a pre-designed database such as Access or Excel.


The questions at hand are:

  1. How to interface a micro controller unit with an input device and an output device,
  2. How to transfer the data via serial port to a personal computer.
  3. How to format and display the data in a meaningful manner.


This section will be updated as the semester progresses with block diagrams, equipment, and hardware listings.