High Speed Universal Fiber Optic Data Bus

For Flight Vehicle Use


Sandra Hernandez

Ruel Newberry

Michael Venzor

Richard Zamudio


The objective of this project is to develop a fiber optic data bus that can be used to replace harness wiring in flight vehicles.


The data bus under development will replace several wires with a single fiber optic.   The system will receive several signals through a standard computer port.  A programmable logic device will then encode this data for error detection and correction.   Once encoded, the signal will be transmitted via a single fiber optic.  On the receiving side, a receiver will pass the signal to another PLD which will then decode the data, and correct any errors, before outputting the data through another port.  The system will be able to transmit data in both directions.


The main issue in this project is the tradeoff between speed and complexity.  Two approaches exist for sending multiple signal on a single fiber optic.  The first approach involves using some form of frequency division multiplexing to transmit the signals in parallel.  The advantage of this approach is that the each of the signals can be transmitted simultaneously at the maximum speed.  The circuitry required to do this is rather complex, however.  The second approach involves sending the signals in series.  This approach is relatively easy to implement using digital logic.  The disadvantage of this approach is that each signal receives only a fraction of the transmission time.  The reduction in maximum transmission speed is inversely proportional to the number of signals being transmitted.


Current State of Project