Abstract Concrete

Hello!  We are Abstract Concrete from the Senior Project II (EE 4220) class at the University of Texas at El Paso.  Please allow us to introduce ourselves:

Group Members

Hasan Alfaouri

Erick Gonzalez

Elizabeth Aragon


Dr. Nazarian presented the problem of having to test concrete maturity by making manual measurements with a similar project that was created in a previous senior project class.  In order to attain accurate results, the test must be made at regular intervals over a full day.  It is extremely difficult for a person to be alert for that long of a period.  With our group building an automated tester, a civil engineer can simply leave the machine attached to the concrete and come back after a day to check on the results.  The machine increases the accuracy of the tests and also will not tire out like a person does.  The machine will be powered and run by a Lab View program running on a PC.  Using a special card from National Instruments, an attached accelerometer will take natural frequency readings of the concrete once the concrete is impacted by a solenoid.  Also, a thermocouple will provide temperature readings to Lab View, which will then compile all the data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  When completed, civil engineers will have accurate concrete analyses with very little hassle.  The user interface from the previous project will also be updated to allow for a user who has minimal computer skills.  Dr. Nazarian will be providing the funding for the project, which will cost approximately $1,500 to complete.  

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