Team P.E.R.C.S.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department - ECE Dept.

at the

University of Texas at El Paso - UTEP

Pedro Espinoza

Julio Zenteno

Pablo Montes

Jesus Nevarez


   To design and build a prototype, long-range remote control that will facilitate the instruction and time management of physical            education activities.



       Team P.E.R.C.S. has designed and build an RF transmitter/receiver system aptly named the Physical Education Remote Control System (P.E.R.C.S.). This system will control three devices: the lighting system of a gymnasium, the volume of a wireless microphone, and the basic functions of a CD changer, including volume. This system will greatly help a physical education instructors to more efficiently teach its students and manage different, simultaneous activities in a gym. The control of the intensity of the lights will alter the learning environment of the students and will allow the instructor to get the the students' attention. The students will be working out and performing various other types of physical activities to the sound of music in various areas of the gym or classroom. The instructor will be walking around with a wireless microphone to give the students instructions as to what activities to perform. The instructor will be able to change the volume of both the CD and microphone independent of each other, depending on whether the instructor is commanding his students or music is playing for the activities. 


Method of Completion

The project work load was divided between the team members into four parts

1. RF transmitter Sub-System and universal remote control modification -    Pablo Montes

2. Receiver Sub-System and control circuit - Pedro Espinoza

3. Audio Mixer Sub-System - Julio Zenteno

4. Light control Sub-System - Jesus Nevarez



The original P.E.R.C.S. design consisted of an infra-red (IR) system. IR transmission, however, has some drawbacks. One of the issues with IR is that it is very directional. The instructor would have to point the remote control directly at the receiver. Also, not much range can be achieved with IR signals. Therefore, the IR system was replaced with radio frequency (RF). With this particular RF system, team P.E.R.C.S. was able to reach a long transmission range of 250 feet, which is more than adequate for a standard school gymnasium. 


Project Block Diagrams

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    The P.E.R.C.S. project met the requirements set by both the class and the customer, Dr. Garland O'Quinn of the UTEP kinesiology department. The remote control is not directional and has a long transmission range of 250 feet.  The light dimmer circuit is able to dim both incandescent and fluorescent lights. Incandescent lights are dimmed from its brightest setting to lowest setting or turned off. The fluorescent lights are dimmed to 50% of their power and capable of handling T5, T8 and T12 fluorescent bulbs. The The audio mixer is capable of controlling the volume of the CD and microphone independently, while changing the volume on the stereo receiver changes both devices simultaneously.