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        The fast response of Emergency Vehicles is a critical and important factor in the security and health context of today’s metropolitan societies; nevertheless, as the number of automobiles increases on urban cities, so does the possibility of a head-on collision between and Emergency vehicle and a civilian automobile in heavy traffic intersections. Some attempts to reduce vehicular and timing hazards in heavy traffic intersections have proven inefficient to cover both warning of civilian automobiles and the control of traffic lights. 

        The major drawback with some of these systems is that they are based on expensive radar detectors and thus, limits the number of vehicles that can use such EV warning systems.Still others rely on methods that are very susceptible to weather conditions. 

        Our intent is to bridge this gap in one integrated system utilizing radio frequencies. In order to have wide-base implementation the system must allow for smooth integration with existing traffic controller systems, and have minimal installation procedures among civilian vehicles. 


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