Marcos Rios

David Garcia

Mark Valtierra



The Automated fingerprint identification System (AFIS) is to reproduce a biometric system that is primarily software dependent

Fingerprint Detector Requirements

  1. The project should capture a person's fingerprint pattern via a scan pad or scanner and store it in some sort of database.

  2. The project should map the fingerprint image to the owner along with any pertinent information (ie. his or her name).

  3. The project should also be able to retrieve the recorded information from an individual already in the database simply by imputing his or her fingerprint image/pattern again.

  4. It should give the option of zooming out and in on the fingerprint image.

  5. It should be able to print the fingerprint image.

Method of Completion

  1. Filtering of Fingerprint Image

  2. Feature Extraction of Fingerprint Image

  3. Neural Network Algorithm


  • The outcome of this project can be used in our government by the police, FBI, border patrol, and military.  Fingerprint detectors are useful in detecting certain individuals who could be criminals or missing.  In our case it will only be used to detect people by their fingerprint.

  • Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems are used to lock important information in the computer  from certain individuals.  

  • This detection can also replace barcodes where it is use in detect certain persons which are allowed to enter in a restrictive areas.

Block Diagram for Fingerprint


A biometric system for fingerprint identification is the most widely used and accepted on identification technique.   The automation of such system as ours is sometimes hardware or software dependent.  Our goal is to implement an AFIS that requires no specialized hardware or technical services (in electronics), but maintains the same efficiency as those on the market in software.