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  Currently Dr. S. Nazarian of the University of Texas at El Paso is studying environmental effects on asphalt in an attempt to create a mechanistic design procedure for asphalt.  As part of his study, he and his researchers have designed a prototype system that is used to simulate the temperature gradient created inside asphalt by the sun and earth.  JJ&M proposes to automate this current system, decrease its size, and decrease the cost of producing such a system.  These goals can be accomplished through care planning/scheduling, and design.  At present, the design consists of software which controls the temperature as well as monitors all temperature readings outputted by the physical system, and a Thermoelectric cooler and modified heating lamps both of which should increase energy efficiency, cost, size, and are easily integrated into an automated system.  Current scheduling estimates completion of the project in April.





Team Members

Manuel Rodriguez                        James Tarpley