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White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) is a test and evaluation command center where various test missions commonly occur. Roadblocks go hand in hand with missions and currently, security personnel usually take an hour before and an hour after the mission to set up and disassemble roadblocks.For this reason, the objective of The Rockets is to create an electronic monitoring System that will give protection for this protected roads with no necessity of having security personnel on the road.


To bring the Electronic Monitoring System into the mainstream, The Rockets will first develop the hardware necessary in detecting the problems. The hardware will be chosen carefully in order to produce the proper data, which will be transmitted. This chosen hardware will consist of two antennas that produces a magnetic field. Once the field is disturbed that metal detector will send a signal to an AVR chip. The AVR chip is sampling the frequency signal. When the frequency drops below a threshold frequency, the AVR chip will send a signal to a transmitter. The signal is then received and read by a computer. Once the software receives the data, it will evaluate the information and distribute it accordingly. The data will compare the different transmission times in order to determine the direction and set off the alarms. The software will also compare the digital signal to determine the location of the alarm. Labview will provide a folder, which will allow the user to review previous alarms and its times. In order to interface all the components already mentioned, The Rockets' team members will have to develop various digital circuits in order to fit the given outputs and inputs required. Also, some power supplies will be required for the sensors.


For more information about the components and the software needed for the implementation of this project, please refer to the following links:


LabVIEW Tutorial 1


This diagram gives an idea of how this project will be set up:

Conclusion (or Current State of Project)

This project was successfully implemented on printed circuit boards; it was tested outdoors using medium and large size cars. The work remaining is to enclose the circuits into a weather protected box.