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The objective of the project is to develop a system capable of:

  • Monitor
  • Control
  • Restrict
  • the traffic of employees through the different areas of a company




    The system was divided in three main parts for its implementation. Each part was assigned to each member of the team (Axcess) respectively, depending on the member's profile.

    The three parts are listed as follows:

    1. Software (Maria)

    2. Interface (Jesse)

    3. External Hardware (Cesar)




    1. Interface I/O board Schematic(Picture)

    (Click the Link Above to See Actual Schematics)

    2. Optoisolator Schematic (Picture)

    (Click the Link Above to See Actual Schematics)



    These are the Team Members

    María Cárdenas (Picture)

    Jesse Lopez (Picture)

    Cesar Orrantia




                 At the beginning of the fall semester 2001 the team AXCESS was asked to obtain a project to be developed during the fall 2001all the way through spring semester 2002. The project was proposed at the beginning of the semster to the faculty in charge of the Senior Project Lab. After defining what the problem was we decided to implement a system in order to monitor the people within a facility (Office, factory,etc). It was found that the implementation of the system is feasible economically and technically speaking. Hence, its development was started. The goal was to have the system ready and working by the end of the spring semester 2002.








  • To all family and friends

  •    Thank you for your support and     considerations
  • Lilia Cárdenas

  • bullet For funding provided for the project

  • Ursula Orrantia

  •     For sponsoring the poster board
  • Rosendo Alcantar

  •   For all technical support and the equipment provided