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Extermal Resources

Before you can select a project you have to do some research to see what the community is doing and what technologies are available.

If you are a curious engineer you must know by now these or any other resources. If that is not the case, is never to late to start. Being and engineer, especially in the area of electronics/computers requires constant updating and investigation on any new technologies and scientific advances.

Below is a list of some suggested resources that might be specially useful for senior projects.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems Design was created specifically to meet the information needs of the senior-level developers who create complex embedded systems. For 20 years it has helped them with hardware and software integration that results in designs that work.

Cornell University Projects

The projects listed on this site belong to the ECE 476 Final Project Class from Cornell University. Students are requiered to create a well documentes website that can be useful as reference to your project.

Sparkfun Electronics

Back in the fall of 2002 a student design project was in need of a PCB. After not finding cheap and useful resources they desided to come up with their our company and here are the results.


Great blog with reviews and news on consumer electronics and computer industry.

Hacked Gadgets

Online archive of various "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) ranging from mechanical to electrical, analog and digital projects.

Make Magazine

Official website
Youtube blog
Published as a quarterly since February 2005, MAKE is a hybrid magazine/book (known as a mook in Japan). MAKE comes from O'Reilly, the Publisher of Record for geeks and tech enthusiasts everywhere. It follows in line with the Hacks books and Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks, but it takes a highly visual and personal approach.

Hack a day

This website serves up a fresh reverse engineering project each day, every day from around the web and a special how-to hack each week. Cornell projects get published here all the time.

The daily Hack

The Daily Hack is a site dedicated to bringing you a new reverse engineering project, mod or tech tip every day!

Circuit Cellar

Circuit Cellar is the only publication that provides intensive, exploratory articles about hardware and software methods for embedded-control systems.

Nuts and Volts

Nuts & Volts is the leading magazine for those seriously interested in electronics. There now remain only a few magazines written for the electronics community with Nuts & Volts being the highest readership, longest running electronics publication left in the US today.

Hobby Projects is a collection of links to 1000's of Electronic Circuits, schematics, online tutorials to find quick solution for electronic design problems. New circuits and/or links are added regularly as a resource for beginners, hobbyists, engineers, inventors and consultants. Let us know what is missing or if you have a circuit to include in this collection.

for those that live in Juarez:

Saber electronica

Electronica Practica - Resistor

Both of these magazines can be found in Sambors and any other popular bookstores in Ciudad Juarez.

Other Resources

Search for application notes on the main EE companies and Organizations: Texas Instruments, National Instruments, IEEE(access through UTEP to get advantage of our subscription), Microchip, Micron, Dallas Semiconductors, Atmel, Parallax, and many more.