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Hall of Fame

Spring 2005


The SmartWeight is an user friendly device that addresses the needs of people that have nutrional needs, such as those that suffer of diabetis, heart disseases or athletes. These people will be able to monitor the ingestion of food elements that could be harful to their health (glucouse or cholesterol) or even control their food ingestion to excel in sports or every day life

Fall 2004

Sigma Six

Clean room Monitoring and Control System.
The task of Sigma Six is to design and implement a monitoring and control system for the NanoMIl Clean room facility.

Spring 2004

Team Evolution

Noninvasive portable ECG and Blood Presure Device.
This system will monitor a patient’s electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure readings noninvasively for twenty-four hours, save the information onto a compact flash memory card, and send the information wirelessly to a personal digital assistant (PDA) from which a doctor may view the day’s records of the patients readings.

Fall 2003

The Syndicate

Networked Milling Machine
The project's objective is to create a system that will allow web-based remote access and control of a milling machine.

Spring 2003

Fox Hunter

Passive Direction Finding System
to design a passive Direct Finding system for the purpose of identifying friend or foe.

Fall 2002

The Tuners

Automatic Piano Tuner
A clear and practical application for the frequency approximation device is the tuning of a piano. By using the device, it will be easier to determine the frequency of the strings on a piano. The device to be developed will accept a signal from a piano, process it, and determine it's frequency with variable range. An algorithm named the Phase Interpolation Estimation (PIE) will be used to estimate the frequency of any input signal received by the device. The function of the device will be to approximate a single tone, within noise using the PIE algorithm.

Spring 2002

Team Ape

Home Automation System
IButler is an intuitive system that allows users to control and monitor multiple systems around the house such as lights, windows, doors, electrical outlets, and remote cameras. Ibutler also works as an intrusion alert system providing safety and security to its users. The system can be interacted from a RF-based remote control, a Windows-based Software application or from anywhere in the world via Internet.

Fall 2001


Device Oriented Applications
The fast response of Emergency Vehicles is a critical and important factor in the security and health context of today’s metropolitan societies; nevertheless, as the number of automobiles increases on urban cities, so does the possibility of a head-on collision between and Emergency vehicle and a civilian automobile in heavy traffic intersections. Some attempts to reduce vehicular and timing hazards in heavy traffic intersections have proven inefficient to cover both warning of civilian automobiles and the control of traffic lights.

The major drawback with some of these systems is that they are based on expensive radar detectors and thus, limits the number of vehicles that can use such EV warning systems.Still others rely on methods that are very susceptible to weather conditions.

Our intent is to bridge this gap in one integrated system utilizing radio frequencies. In order to have wide-base implementation the system must allow for smooth integration with existing traffic controller systems, and have minimal installation procedures among civilian vehicles.

Spring 2001

RF Design Team

Bradley Contractors Inc., located in East Texas, has decided to take the initiative in developing a system with the capability to warn their logging truck drivers of the potential danger of school buses operating in the area.

The system will alert the truck drivers of the bus approaching just over the next hill or around the next corner. This will greatly reduce the risk of potential accidents along these rural highways.

Fall 2000

Team CMB

The GPS division at White Sands Missile Range employs a system known as Advanced Range Data System (ARDS) that consists of high-dynamic aircraft pods housed in AIM-9 type enclosures along with some low-dynamic GPS receivers. The low dynamic receivers are not equipped with on-board data storage for fault tolerance. Additionally, the system is not capable of displaying appropriate statistical data to the operators.

Group CMB of the University of Texas at El Paso will undertake the responsibility of providing the low-dynamic receivers with a solid-state recorder and will also develop an enhanced visualization tool for statistical display and message processing.

Spring 2000


The Little Yoda 2000
The purpose of the LY-2K is to provide a more scientific approach to the diagnosis of murmurs by combining the concept of a stethoscope with the capabilities of computerized technology. This powerful tool will be used by cardiologists and family practice physicians, which will increase the probability of early detection and treatment.

Fall 1999

Deep Blue

Our project entails the implementation of the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) on a Programmable Gate Array (PGA). This is the first of three main blocks needed to compress an image. Through the Discrete Cosine Transform, we help separate the image into parts of differing importance with respect to the image's visual quality.