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Project List

Fall 2003 - Spring 2004

Inovative Alliance - Symulated Sprectrum Analyzer and Wideband Oscillating Circuit
E.B.S. - PDA-based phonocardiogram-electrocardiogram system
EEG System - EEG to monitor and display the athletes brain activity in a computer monitor.
Ray's Angels - Automation of the environmental conditioning system
The Wave Makers - Portable Personal Healthcare Transmission (PHT) System
DDPM - Steel Drum Amplification System
ATOM - Three Dimensional Object Scanner
Sky View - GPS to R-cubed parallel port communication interface.
ASTA - CCD camera telescopic spectrograph
G.E.R.M. - Off-Road Drag Racing Tree System
Contactors - Satellite dishes telescopesatellite dishes telescope
Evolution - Wireless PDA Interfaced Wearable Cardiotachometer

Spring 2003 - Fall 2003

The Syndicate .- Nerworked Milling Machine
Ruin .- To produce two laboratory exercises to include circuits and laboratory procedures
Tele-Medics .- A Web-Based Vital Sign Telemonitor for Home Care
The Chargy Boyz .- Universal Extended Remote System
Team OCA .- Celestial Body Tracking System
Quiddity Wearable Chardiotacometer
Cronos .- DSP- IRIG-B Time Code Signal Synchronizator
Mewo .- Autonomous Robot
Shagadelics .- Audio/Video Remote Trauma Center Communication
De Temps Team .- Weather Prediction System
MAD Electronics .- Remote Sensor Data Acquisition System

Fall 2002 - Spring 2003

MIB .- Storage Area Network (SAN) Test Tool
eMED Home-Care Telemedicine System
BMW .- Automatic Acousting Audio Loss Compensation System
Fox Hunters .- Passive Direction Finding System
MEAR .- Mapping and Exploring Autonomous Robot
WS System .- Radio Frequency Child Locator System
ElectroVolts .- DC / DC CONVERTER

Spring 2002 - Fall 2002

DreamLab Portable MP3 Player
The Rockets White Sand's Rocket Electronic Monitoring System
Sound Vision .- The Audio to Visual Converter (AVC)
Chaos .- Chaotic Signal Generator
Astros .- Solar Cell Performance Measurement System
2GGSP Anti-Sleeping Driving Safety System
ACS .- Automated Traffic Control System
The Tunners .- Phase Interpolation Estimation (PIE) Automatic Piano Tunner
Team Fox .- Metheorological Wireless system for the Army Reasearch Lab
A.K.A. .- Real Time Processing of Infrasonic Signals

Fall 2001 - Spring 2002

AAA Battery .- DC/DC Converter
AD&R Wireless .- AD&R Wireless: Leadless Pacemaker
AXCESS .- Wireless Employee Tracking Monitoring and Restriction System
DDK .- The Electroluminescent Devices Automated Characterization System
Nadir .- Correlators Real Time GPS Reflection Analyzer
SONET .- TDS Inteligent Transportation System
Tardis .- Optical Switch/Filter Using Tapered Optical Fiber
TEAM APE .- IButler: Home Automation System
VKB Express .- "Viva El Paso" Train Automation System
V-Tech .- Voice-Activated Wheelchair.

Spring 2001 - Fall 2001

Abstract Concrete .- Concrete Maturity Measuring System
Phantom Sounds Software-Based Equalizer and Wireless Home System
P.E.R.C.S. Long-Range Remote Control
The Ancient Ones .- MIDI-controlled instrument synthesis module
X Project .- Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD)
READ Engineering Wireless Parking Attendant
Reverse Engineers .- Monitoring of a microwave antenna using a HarrisTM Control Alarm Unit (CAU).
DMM .- Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

Fall 2000 - Spring 2001

The Terminators .- Automated Bottling Machine with a Monitoring System
DMM .- Automated fingerprint identification System (AFIS)
JMM .- Asphaplt Temperature Gradient Chracterization System
Target Trackers .- Global Positioning System (GPS) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Integration Project
CVI .- Power Energy Conversion System
Noesis .- Zero Loss: GIF Image Compression
Electrical Ingenuity .- Inverter’s control (protection and communications interface)
VDLT .- Video Diode Laser

Spring 2000 - Fall 2000

CMB .- Advanced Range Data System (ARDS)
Fiber Optics .- fiber optic data bus that can be used to replace harness wiring in flight vehicles
Netvoice .- Voicer Over IP Gateway
Static 4 .- Geo-Prox Automation
Thermo Circuits .- A Digitally Controlled Water Heater
3 Guys and a Girl .- Real-Time Percussive Rhythm Composer
TGFKAMR .- Oculoelectronic Remote Engaging Operator (OREO)

Fall 1999 - Spring 2000

Circuit Breakers .- Automated Triaxial Test
Electroshocks .- SMART LOAD BOARD
Evil .- Security Alarm System using the Internet
Hannibal's Elephants .- The Doppler Radio Antenna Tracker (DRAT)
Little Yodas .- Digital Diagnosing System for heart murmur using electrocardiogram and acoustic stethoscope data.
Mambo 3 .- Controlled and Monitored Chemical Bath System for Deposition of CdS.
Z80 .- Solar Cell Monitoring Station.

Fall 1999

American Eagle .- Brick Loading System
Implementation of Forward and Inverse 2-Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
Johnny 5 .- 3D Laser Scanning System
KLM .- Quantization and Entropy Coding
Y2K .- Implementation of device capable of performing quality test on Automatic Window Motors.

Spring 1999

DCP .- Dynamic Cone Penetrometers to evaluate the layer thickness and the type of material under investigation.
Resonant Column Apparatus
Silicon Evaporator Power Supply
Vital Sign Monitoring
Data Compression